Bee My Honey Sublimation Print Transfer

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This listing is for the SUBLIMATION transfer ONLY! This is NOT a digital file! You are purchasing a print of the above design (watermark will be removed), NOT the actual shirt. The shirt is for reference only to give you an idea what the image will look like. You will receive the sublimation design in the mail, which can then be applied to your substrate material.

*Actual colors may differ from the picture as monitor screens are different.

This listing includes the design shown as a sublimation transfer in your choice of size. Please see the drop-down box for the different sizes.

Extra Large- Recommended Size 11.5-12.5" wide/tall max $3.75
Large- Recommended Size 10-11.5" wide/tall max $3.75
Small/Medium- Recommended Size 8-10" wide/tall max $2.75
Youth- Recommended Size 7-9" wide/tall max $2.75
Infant/Toddler- Recommended Size 6-8" wide/tall max | 2 per sheet $2.75
Mug/Can Cooler/Standard Pocket Tee- 3" Wide | 4 Per Sheet $2.50

The widest part of the design is how size is measured. Not all designs are an exact square.
*Please note that these are just suggestions and sizing is based on your personal preference of how big you want the design on the shirt. If you are unsure of the size, please be sure to measure before ordering!

You will receive an instruction sheet with your order, however, please review some key points regarding the transfer, how to use your transfer, and what substrates to use it on.

~Sublimation transfer requires a heat press to apply properly. A typical house iron does not provide sufficient enough pressure, so be aware of that if you decide to use an iron.

~You must use a shirt with at least 50% polyester. 65% polyester or more is ideal. A 50-65% polyester item will give you a vintage/faded look. 100% polyester is recommended and will give you the brightest colors.
~The shirt/fabric must be a light colored fabric (such as white, gray or pastel color). NO BLACK fabric. It will not show up! However, you can bleach an area of a darker color shirt to apply the design. These transfers will not print white! If there is any white in the image, it will become the color of the shirt you put the transfer on.
~Hard substrates, like mugs, puzzles, coasters and water bottles, must be coated for sublimation.
~Sublimation ink adheres to the polyester fibers or polyester coating on hard substrates. Sublimation prints will not work on cotton! The image will just wash right out!
~Heat transfer tape, which can be found on Amazon, is great for holding the transfer in place.

General instructions are as follows, and a copy of instructions will be included with your order, as well as a piece of butcher paper to use for transferring the design (Teflon sheets are not recommended). Parchment paper can be used as well. Please note, adjustments may need to be made depending on your specific heat press and its abilities.

Set temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Set timer to 45-60 seconds.
Set Pressure at medium.
Lint roll shirt.
Put butcher or parchment paper inside the garment to ensure the ink does not bleed through the shirt to the back.
Place the transfer face down on the garment. (Use heat transfer tape to keep transfer in place if needed)
Place butcher paper on top of design and shirt.
Remove paper immediately and peel hot.

*Please Note: Discard butcher paper after 1 use, as ink left over can transfer to a new design or shirt.

- NO cancellations, refunds, returns or exchanges on sublimation transfers. NO EXCEPTION!! Please be sure your order is correct before submitting your order!

~You are responsible for using the correct equipment and following the detailed instructions I provide with each order. Unfortunately any user error is your responsibility. I will not refund or reship transfers because of user error.

~Production time for sublimation time transfer is between 1-3 business days. Orders will be processed and shipped in that time frame.

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